• Current, voltage, frequency, power, harmonics, and much more
  • with data recorder functions
  • Modbus communication (TCP + RTU)
  • Accuracy 0.2 S

- This device series is in the discontinuation phase. -
Deliverable according to availability until 30.06.2022

The universal measuring device PEM575 is used to record and indicate electrical quantities of a public electricity network. The scope of measurements ranges from currents and voltages through energy consumption and performance to total harmonic distortion and voltage quality assessment. The active energy measurements are in compliance with the DIN EN 62053-22 class 0.2 S accuracy standard.The current inputs are connected via external …/1 A or …/5 A measuring current transformers.

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  • Accuracy class according to IEC 62053-22: 0.2 S
  • Parameters
    – Phase conductor voltages UL1, UL2, UL3 in V
    – Line voltages UL1L2, UL2L3, UL3L1 in V
    – Phase currents I1, I2, I3 in A
    – Neutral current (calculated) I4 in A
    – Frequency f in Hz
    – Phase angle for U and I in °
    – Power per phase conductor S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar
    – Total power S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar
    – Displacement factor cos (φ)
    – Power factor λ
    – Active and reactive power import in kWh, kvarh
    – Active and reactive power export in kWh, kvarh
    – Voltage unbalance in %
    – Current unbalance in %
    – Harmonic distortion (THD) for U and I
    – Harmonic factor for I
  • Programmable setpoint monitoring
  • LED pulse outputs for active and reactive power
  • Modbus RTU communication via RS-485
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Requirements of energy and current for particular time frames
  • Peak demands with timestamps
  • Individual, harmonic components in current and voltage up to the 31st harmonic
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Waveform test (12.8 kHz)
  • Data recorder
  • Sag/swell detection
  • High-resolution waveform recording
  • Detection of transient events
  • As a compact device for front panel mounting, the PEM575 is a replacement for analogue indicating instruments
  • Typical application in low and medium-voltage networks (via measuring voltage transformer)
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Collection of relevant data for energy management systems
  • Energy consumption allocation to cost accounting centers
  • High-resolution recording of the waveforms allow an analysis of power quality phenomena


Optional accessories for LINETRAXX® PEM575

Window-type current transformer
DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
CTB316051WL60­5 KL.1B98086001
CTB316011WL60­1 KL.1B98086002
CTB317551WL75­5 KL.1B98086003
CTB317511WL75­1 KL.1B98086004
CTB3112550,5WL125­5 KL.0,5B98086005
CTB3112510,5WL125­1 KL.0,5B98086006
CTB3112551WL125­5 KL.1B98086007
CTB3112511WL125­1 KL.1B98086008
CTB3115050,5WL150­5 KL.0,5B98086009
CTB3115010,5WL150­1 KL.0,5B98086010
CTB3115051WL150­5 KL.1B98086011
CTB3115011WL150­1 KL.1B98086012
CTB3120050,5WL200­5 KL.0,5B98086013
CTB3120010,5WL200­1 KL.0,5B98086014
CTB3120051WL200­5 KL.1B98086015
CTB3120011WL200­1 KL.1B98086016
CTB4125050,5WL250­5 KL.0,5B98086017
CTB4125010,5WL250­1 KL.0,5B98086018
CTB4125051WL250­5 KL.1B98086019
CTB4125011WL250­1 KL.1B98086020
CTB4130050,5WL300­5 KL.0,5B98086021
CTB4130010,5WL300­1 KL.0,5B98086022
CTB4130051WL300­5 KL.1B98086023
CTB4130011WL300­1 KL.1B98086024
CTB4140010,5WL400­1 KL.0,5B98086025
CTB4140051WL400­5 KL.1B98086026
CTB4140050,5WL400­5 KL.0,5B98086027
CTB4140011WL400­1 KL.1B98086028
CTB4150051WL500­5 KL.1B98086029
CTB4150050,5WL500­5 KL.0,5B98086031
CTB4150011WL500­1 KL.1B98086032
CTB4150010,5WL500­1 KL.0,5B98086033
CTB5160051WL600­5 KL.1B98086034
CTB5160050,5WL600­5 KL.0,5B98086035
CTB5160011WL600­1 KL.1B98086036
CTB5160010,5WL600­1 KL.0,5B98086037
CTB5180051WL800­5 KL.1B98086038
CTB5180050,5WL800­5 KL.0,5B98086039
CTB5180011WL800­1 KL.1B98086040
CTB5180010,5WL800­1 KL.0,5B98086041
CTB51100051WL1000­5 KL.1B98086042
CTB51100050,5WL1000­5 KL.0,5B98086043
CTB51100011WL1000­1 KL.1B98086044
CTB51100010,5WL1000­1 KL.0,5B98086045

Split-core type current transformer
DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
KBR185013FS5WLS50­1 KL­3FS5B98086046
KBR1810013FS5WLS100­1 KL.3FS5B98086047
KBR1815013FS5WLS150­1 KL.3FS5B98086048
KBR3225013FS5WLS250­1 KL.3FS5B98086049
KBR3250013FS5WLS500­1 KL.1FS5B98086050

Variants of LINETRAXX® PEM575

TypeInterfaceNominal system voltageCurrent inputArt. No.
PEM575RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V 5 A B93100575
PEM575-151RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 69/120 V 1 A B93100580
PEM575-155RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 69/120 V 5 A B93100579
PEM575-251RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V 1 A B93100576

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