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Sun May 20 21:42:39 2018
Sun May 20 21:42:39 2018
ISOMETER® iso1685DP/iso1685P

ISOMETER® iso1685DP/iso1685P

  • Insulation monitoring device for AC 1000 V and DC 1500 V IT systems
  • Application main circuits with connected frequency converters
  • Separately adjustable response values 200 Ω…1 MΩ
  • Display and control function for EDS insulation fault location systems
  • Can be extended to operate as an insulation fault location system

The iso1685… is used for insulation monitoring of extensive systems

up to AC 1000 V/DC 1500 V which are designed as IT systems. The device

uses a specially developed measurement method for monitoring the

insulation resistance also in extensive installations where extremely

high leakage capacitances against earth exist due to interference

suppression methods. Adaptation to systems containing high leakage

capacitances occurs automatically.

The device generates locating current pulses required for insulation

fault location. That allows the localisation of the insulation fault

using permanently installed or mobile insulation fault locators.

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  • Insulation monitoring of IT systems up to AC 1000 V/DC 1500 V
  • Measuring low-resistance insulation faults
  • Separately configurable response values Ran1 (Alarm 1) and Ran2 (Alarm 2) (200 Ω…1 MΩ for both values) for prewarning and alarm
  • High-resolution graphic LC display for excellent readability and recording of the device status (iso1685DP)
  • Automatic adaptation to high system leakage capacitances, selectable within the indicated range
  • Monitoring the connection to DC systems for pole reversal
  • Integrated locating current injector up to 50 mA for insulation fault location
  • Device self test with automatic alarm message in the event of a fault
  • Alarm relays separately adjustable for insulation faults and device errors
  • RS-485 interface (BMS bus), e.g. to control insulation fault location
  • μSD card containing data logger and history memory for alarms (iso1685P)
  • Extensive systems up to AC 1000 V/DC 1500 V which are designed as IT systems


Variants of ISOMETER® iso1685DP/iso1685P

TypeResponse value rangeNominal system voltageSupply voltageDisplayArt. No.
iso1685DP-425200 Ω…1 MΩAC 0…1000 V
DC 0…1500 V
DC 18…30 VXB91065802
iso1685P-425200 Ω…1 MΩAC 0…1000 V
DC 0…1500 V
DC 18…30 V-B91065801

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