• Automatic insulation fault location
  • Application control circuits
  • 12 measuring channels for measuring current transformers
  • CT connection monitoring
  • Universal system concept

The insulation fault evaluator of the EDS460/490 series in combination with the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the insulation fault test device PGH is designed to localize insulation faults in unearthed power supplies (IT systems). The test current signals generated by the insulation monitoring device IRDH575 or the insulation fault test device PGH are scanned by measuring current transformers and evaluated by the insulation fault evaluators. Up to 12 measuring current transformers can be connected to one EDS. A total of 90 EDS evaluators can be con­nected via one RS-485 interface (BMS protocol). Hence, up to 1080 circuits can be monitored. The maximum scanning time is approx. 4…10 s, see TGH1394.

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  • Applications
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  • Insulation fault location and residual current measurement
  • For AC, 3AC, DC and IT systems
  • 12 measuring channels (circuits) for measuring current transformers of the W, WR, WS series
  • Up to 90 EDS evaluators in one system (1080 measuring channels)
  • Scanning time for all measuring channels 10 s
  • Response sensitivity
    EDS460/490 2…10 mA (100 Ω / V)
    EDS461/491 0.2…1 mA (1000 Ω / V)
  • History memory to store 300 events
  • Two alarm relays with one changeover contact each
  • N/O or N/C operation, selectable
  • Connection external reset / test button
  • Indication via graphical display resp. 7-segment display and alarm LEDs
  • BMS address range 1…90
  • Serial RS-485 interface
  • Continuous CT connection monitoring
  • Fault memory behaviour selectable
  • Additional residual current measurement
  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • Main and control circuits in industrial installations and ships
  • Diode-decoupled DC IT systems in power stations
  • Systems for medical locations


Optional accessories for ISOSCAN® EDS461-L

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
DI-1DL (interface repeater)AC 85…260 V, 50…60 HzB95012047
DI-2USB (interface converter RS-485/USB)supplied by the USB port, no additional power supply required.B95012045
AN471 (power supply unit for DI-1 or DI-2)AC 230 V 50/60 Hz/AC, DC 20 VB924189
Snap-on mounting W20…/35…B98080501
Snap-on mounting W60…B98080502
* Absolute values

Protocol converters

TypeSupply voltage US*Art. No.
COM460IPAC/DC 76…276 V, 42…460 HzB95061010
COM462RTUAC/DC 76…276 V, 42…460 HzB95061022
FTC470XDPDC 85…276 V / AC 85…276 V, 50…400 HzB95061000
*Absolute values

Measuring current transformers for EDS460/490

TypeInside diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
WR70x17570 x 175rectangularB98080609
WR115x305115 x 305rectangularB98080610
WS20x3020 x 30split-coreB98080601
WS50x8050 x 80split-coreB98080603
WS80x8080 x 80split-coreB98080605
WS80x12080 x 120split-coreB98080606
WS80x16080 x 160split-coreB98080608

Alternative measuring current transformers from the Bender range

TypeInside diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
WR 70x175S70x175rectangularB911738
WR 115x305S115x305rectangularB911739
WR 150x350S150x350rectangularB911740
WR 200x500S200x500rectangularB911763
WS 50x80S50x80split-coreB911741
WS 80x80S80x80split-coreB911742
WS 80x120S80x120split-coreB911743
WS 80x160S80x160split-coreB911755

Measuring current transformers for EDS461/491

TypeInside diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
WS20x30-800020 x 30split-coreB98080602
WS50x80-800050 x 80split-coreB98080604

Alternative measuring current transformers from the Bender range

TypeInside diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
WS20x30/800020 x 30split-coreB911764
WS50x80/800050 x 80split-coreB911757
W10/8000-610circular, 6xB911900

Variants of ISOSCAN® EDS461-L

TypeSupply voltage US*Response valueArt. No.
EDS461-L-1DC 16…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 Hz0,2…1 mAB91080007
EDS461-L-2AC/DC 70…276 V / AC 42…460 Hz0,2…1 mAB91080008
*Absolute value

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