W…AB(P) series

W…AB(P) series

Measuring current transformers of the W…-AB series are measuring current transformers which in combination with devices of the RCMA420 resp. RCMS460/423 490 series convert AC and DC currents into evaluable measurement signals. Connection to the respective devices is via a five-wire or six-wire cable. The CTs can be used in DC, AC, and 3(N) AC systems. If the measuring current transformers are to be connected to an RCMS460/490 system, one AN420 or AN110 power supply unit is required for six measuring current transformers each.

The measuring current transformers of the W35ABP and W60ABP series feature an integrated Mumetal shield.

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  • W20AB…W60AB for AC/DC sensitive RCMA420 series residual current monitors
  • W20AB…W210AB for RCMS460/490 series residual current monitoring systems or for RCMA423 residual current monitors
  • W35ABP…W60ABP for RCMS460/490 and RCMA420/423 series residual current monitors. Suitable for systems where short-term system-related load currents occur


Optional accessories for W…AB(P) series

Power supply unit
TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
AN420-2DC 70…300 V/AC 70…276 V, 42…460 HzB94053100
AN110-1DC 18…72 V/AC 20…60 V, 50…60 HzB94053101
AN110-2DC 100…353 V/AC 90…264 V, 50…60 HzB94053102

Connecting cables
TypeFor deviceLength/mArt. No.
WXS-250RCMS460/4902.5B 9808 0507
Control cable LiYY flexible, 6 x AWG 20 (6 x 0.56 mm²), approved by UL 2464

TypeArt. No.
Snap-on mounting for W20AB, W35ABB98080501
Snap-on mounting for W60ABB98080502

Variants of W…AB(P) series

TypeInternal diameterMounting
DIN rail
Screw mounting
Art. No.
W20ABø 20 mm××B98080008
W35ABø 35 mm××B98080016
W60ABø 60 mm××B98080026
W120ABø 120 mm--×B98080041
W210ABø 210 mm--×B98080040
W35ABPø 35 mm××B98080051
W60ABPø 60 mm××B98080052

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