iONiX - DC charging stations compliant with German calibration law will be presented at the IAA 2021 in Munich

Bender and Silver Atena present their first DC charging stations for EV under the joint product brand iONiX.

Developing the most innovative and competitive DC charging stations is the goal of the cooperation between the two electrical engineering companies Bender GmbH & Co. KG, Grünberg and Silver Atena GmbH, Munich. At the IAA 2021, they will show that they have succeeded in this goal by presenting their first DC charging stations for electric vehicles under the joint product brand iONiX.

The two products, which can charge electric vehicles with 25 kW / max. 80 A or 50 kW / max. 160 A, were jointly developed by the Bender Group (Bender GmbH and ebee smart technologies) and Silver Atena, are "Made in Germany" and are scheduled to be launched onto the market from the first quarter of 2022. Depending on the variant, the iONiX charging stations comply with German calibration law and can therefore be used in public and semi-public areas. In addition, on-site payment by credit card is possible. This means that the charging stations already meet the requirements of the amended Charging Station Ordinance LSV2, which will apply from 01.03.2023. 

The core of the iONiX charging stations is a DC charge controller developed by Bender based on the well-known AC charge controller CC613. This charge controller features dynamic load management, which ensures that the available energy is distributed intelligently and efficiently when several electric vehicles are charging at the same time and that the power grid does not collapse. All AC and DC charging stations available on the market can be operated with a Bender charge controller in a common supply and load management network without a higher-level system and across manufacturers. Therefore, the iONiX charging stations are ideally suited for use in charging parks, car parks, shopping centres, hotels and airports. A 25 kW DC charging station is also available for use at home.

The advantage of DC charging stations is that the energy provided no longer has to be converted in the vehicle but can be delivered directly to the accumulators/batteries. This usually allows much more power to be charged in a certain period of time and with fewer losses, which means charging at a DC charging station is faster and more efficient.

The iONiX charging stations have been strictly developed according to the product standard IEC 61851-23 for conductive DC charging and can charge vehicles that have a CCS2 plug.


iONiX is the new brand of Bender GmbH & Co. KG, Grünberg and Silver Atena GmbH, Munich. In this cooperation, Silver Atena is responsible for the development of the high-voltage power electronics, the mechanical design, and the production of the charging station. Bender is responsible for the electrical safety of the DC charging station, the charging technology, and sales.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG, Grünberg with approx. 1,100 employees worldwide is the market leader in the field of electrical safety products such as insulation monitoring and residual current technology. In the field of e-mobility, Bender has earned a renowned reputation and is now the technical leader in AC charge controller technology.

Silver Atena GmbH, Munich with 350 employees is a premium developer and high-tech supplier of fail-safe electronic components in the field of safety-relevant systems and power electronics.

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