Electrical system transparency thanks to CP700 Condition Monitor

New device for measuring current and voltage quality

Electrical system transparency thanks to CP700 Condition Monitor

New devices for measuring current and voltage quality are being added to the Bender Group’s expanded existing line-up.


An intelligent display and control unit, the Bender CP700 Condition Monitor with an integral 7" touch screen, enables, on the one hand, intuitive on-site operation and, on the other hand, clear user customisation, visualisation and diagnostics for the devices from the computer. The CP700 communicates with all connected Bender monitoring devices and presents all the relevant information in a clear manner, processed to take account of the target group.

In conjunction with Bender monitoring systems, the CP700 brings transparency to electrical systems:


  • Optimised presentation of the entire power supply system on various terminal devices
  • Uniform presentation of all Bender devices with active alarm generation (third-party devices optional)
  • Support in event of fault by means of guided fault analysis
  • Integral gateway:
    • Uniform setup and readout of all Bender monitoring devices with report generation
    • Time synchronisation of all devices via NTP
    • E-mail
    • Simple visualisation, no programming skills required to set up

Electricity is not visible – and complex system interactions such as flicker, transients and harmonic components even less so. However, their impact is felt in the form of faults, failures and, in the worst case, irreparable damage to equipment and systems. Bender monitoring devices identify faults before they become a problem. Bender COMTRAXX® CP700 provides you with all the information in a clearly structured manner.

The new VMD 460 voltage and frequency monitoring relay complies with current standard requirements in the European sector.


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