Bender wins the INDUSTRY PRIZE in the 2013 competition in the electrical engineering category

Bender GmbH & Co. KG in Grünberg received an award for its new portable insulation fault locator EDS195P.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG in Grünberg once again received an award. On April 3,  2013 the company received the INDUSTRY PRIZE 2013 in the category "Electrical engineering".

Already for the eighth time, the INDUSTRY PRIZE was awarded by "Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH" and the "Initiative Mittelstand"  to the best and most advanced industrial companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This year, more than 1,200 companies presented products and companies' strategies of particularly high technological, ecological, economic and social benefit. A jury consisting of several experts judged these companies under the motto "INDUSTRIEPREIS 2013 - Push For Smart Industry" in 14 categories.
Bender GmbH & Co. KG received the award for its new portable insulation fault locator EDS195P the new functions of which effectively facilitate insulation fault location and portable residual current measurement. The device is based on decades of product innovations and improvements.

In large, complex power supply systems, as are to be found in all large production plants and photovoltaic systems, a flexible solution for monitoring tasks is required. To be able to quickly and reliably locate insulation faults in these systems, not only permanently installed insulation fault location systems but also portable systems are used to locate faults all the way dow to a load or a PV module.

The EDS195P is particularly suitable for use in extensive PV installations of up to DC 960 V, that are designed as IT systems in the context of DIN VDE 0100-410 (VDE 0100-410). The insulation monitoring device ISOMETER® isoPV detects all insulation faults in the DC and AC area of the system  and continuously indicates the level of insulation in the TV system. Insulation fault location in a large installation with several hundred thousand modules and many kilometres of cable can be very time consuming. With the conventional method of insulation measurement the PV installation must be partially or entirely shut down.The defective circuit can only be found by shutting down the strings step-by-step and simultaneously monitoring the insulation value displayed on the insulation monitoring device.

The application of the EDS195P insulation fault locator therefore offers time and cost-saving insulation fault location that is also reliable. The availability of the PV system is significantly increased and the operator does not suffer any feed losses.

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INDUSTRIEPREIS 2013 in der Kategorie „Elektrotechnik"