Bender Remote Assist

Bender Service: Safe ‒ at short notice ‒ from anywhere and anytime

Bender Remote Assist

Bender Service: Safe ‒ at short notice ‒ from anywhere and anytime


The service product "Bender Remote Assist" is a web-based management system for monitoring and analysing the electrical installation, as well as proactive detection of the maintenance needs from any location.


Bender Remote Assist will be offered within the scope of the service contracts from Bender. The basic idea is, high-quality service through a web-based service platform, which meets the highest technology and safety standards. On the other hand, due to the ever increasing complexity of devices and systems, it is necessary for the future to ensure consistent high safety and consultancy.

A component of the Bender Remote Assist is the service platform, which can be called as a Web application on all common browsers. It is used as a safe and reliable link when remotely accessing electrical installations.

In this case there is no end-to-end, direct connection, between the network of the user and that of the system operator. They are completely separated from each other by the Bender Remote Assist. Every connection is established separately and is valid only for the user requesting the connection and for the selected electrical installation.

The rights management of the service platform ensures that the connection is only possible, if the user has the necessary rights. The user cannot obtain knowledge or information from any other installation. Data security and data protection have highest priority. All platform and access activities to the system are logged and can be called up at any time via the Web interface or, if you wish, it can be sent automatically by email. The Link Check ensures continuous monitoring of the installation reachability and therefore guarantees that all functions can be used at any time.

Bender Remote Assist is therefore one of the most secure and modern interconnect technologies currently available.

The system consists of two elements: the service platform and the Gateway COM700RA. The installation only requires the integration of the Gateway COM700RA in the installation to be monitored. Then the full range of functions of the Bender Remote Assist system can be used. Due to the flexible system architecture and, thanks to its experienced IT-specialists Bender is in the position to implement any special customer requirements.

The extension of the installation with Bender Remote Assist opens up a wide-ranging set of new services and added value.

Due to the continuous system monitoring by Bender product experts the operational reliability increases and the increase in knowledge can be considerably extended. So, in addition to the reactive preventive maintenance a regular monitoring and analysis for proactively identifying maintenance needs is possible. If an error or a technical problem occurs, information is sent immediately to the appropriate certified system experts. Directly after receiving the message from the system a Bender employee can remotely log into the customer system, implement a remote diagnosis, start a failure analysis and offer immediate support. Our network of experts ensures that the complete Bender know-how is available, always and everywhere. Therefore Bender is in the position to find the problem quickly and either start immediately with rectification or to take the necessary measures to start the rectification. This means shorter reaction time, time savings, rapid assistance with acute questions and less travel time.

If the problem cannot be solved remotely straight away, then ordering and the dispatching of the necessary spare parts are possible or a technician can be on the way to help locally.

With the Bender Remote Assist, service is safer, faster and more customer-friendly. Thus, the service quality is significantly improved, increased system availability and safety increased, ultimately a more stable operation is guaranteed.

B. Eng. Michael Breuer

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