Bender Group (Gruenberg/Hesse) and ebee Smart Technologies GmbH (Berlin)

Cooperation in development, manufacturing and sales of charging infrastructure products

Bender Group (Gruenberg/Hesse) and ebee Smart Technologies GmbH (Berlin)

Cooperation in development, manufacturing and sales of charging infrastructure products

Smart Grid Charge Controller: Faster and safer charging of electric vehicles


Gruenberg/Berlin – The Bender Group situated in Gruenberg/Hesse, is now a strategical investor of ebee Smart Technologies GmbH based in Berlin. With the signing of a comprehensive cooperation agreement, Bender plans to manufacture and further develop ebee core components, such as the charge controller which is already suitable for "Smart Grid Technology", and to cooperate in the distribution of these components. In fact, a cooperation between both companies in terms of common development projects has existed for some time.

With the new Smart Grid Charge Controller CC612, electric vehicles (EV), consisting of the latest electric vehicle technology, charge significantly faster and at the same time comply with future-oriented requirements regarding electrical safety. Due to the "Plug & Charge" function, the vehicle can be easily connected to the charging station, and thanks to dynamic load management, the user is able to plan the charging time by utilising a cost-optimized service offering. Authentication occurs automatically via the charging cable and charge controller, thereby simplifying the charging process, including the billing. In addition, thanks to Bender’s newly developed fault current sensor, users and the infrastructure are protected, in accordance with the latest standards, against the danger of electrical current. Thus, the core competences of ebee charging technology and the electrical safety experience of Bender are combined in an innovative way.

According to ebee’s managing director Dr. Henning Heppner, "With Bender we have found an investor and a partner which not only secures the financing of the necessary funds for our expansion, but also the expertise regarding industrialisation and the active takeover of the component distribution that will help us penetrate the market. Bender is a recognised technology leader in insulation monitoring for electric vehicles and in protective measures for the charging of electric vehicles. This results in many synergies."

Winfried Möll, technical managing director of the Bender Group, sees huge potential in the new partnership: "This cooperation will enable us to expand our portfolio in the area of charging infrastructure, and the acquisition of ebee expertise will not only allow us to create new solutions together but it will also influence our current products."

Sabine Bender-Suhr, general partner and financial managing director of the Bender Group, adds that "The participation in the innovative start-up ebee will help us strengthen our electric mobility business area in the long term. As an ecologically oriented company with a good market position as a supplier of products for alternative energy sources, the alliance with ebee Smart Technologies fits very well with our strategical orientation."


About ebee Smart Technologies:


Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH was founded in 2011 as a technological company for charging infrastructure. Its core product is a charging point that is characterised by an especially compact and modular structure, and which comprises all necessary functions for the charging of electric vehicles in public spaces. Ebee has already established partnerships with various renowned names in the automotive industry and electric mobility, and the market launch has successfully started in German and European regions. For example, ebee has been nominated as the supplier of street light charging points for the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Berlin.


About Bender:


The Bender Group is a global company with approximately 700 employees worldwide, and generates annual sales of more than € 100 million. About 15 percent of the employees work in research and development. Bender is globally present in more than 70 countries, including 12 member companies. Production is carried out at two locations in Germany. The medium-sized company with its head office and innovation centre in Gruenberg (Hesse) is under full family ownership. The product range includes measuring, protective and monitoring systems for applications in the area of mobility of electric and hybrid vehicles, power generation and distribution, renewable energies as well as building technology and various industrial areas. There is a particular focus on development and production of solutions for sensitive medical Areas.